We provide service to all of Prince William Sound including access to the Chugach and State forest service cabins. The large carrying capacity and convenient drop-down bow features on the speedy Bayweld-built Bayhawk vessel enable us to provide transportation for lodge guests, dock service to Chenega, commercial fisherman transport to Main Bay, or round trip service for hunters seeking big game in the wilderness of Prince William Sound.  The Bayhawk is also able to transport up to 6 double kayaks at one time for the guests seeking a more relaxed experience in the Sound.

Taxi Services

We service all of Prince William Sound. We can access the State and Forest Service cabins with our comfortable drop down bow and large carrying capacity of the speedy Bayweld built Bayhawk. We can provide drop offs for lodge guests, dock service to Chenega, Main Bay for commercial fisherman and their gear, hunter drop offs and Kayak transports. We have a kayak carrier able to carry six double kayaks at a time.

Transporter Service

We hold a State of Alaska game transporter license as well as permits for Alaska State Parks.  Within the comfort of a dry warm cabin, we provide fast and reliable service to the remote beach of your choice, to one of the 14 Chugach National Park or State Forestry public use cabins, to any of the 8 State of Alaska Marine Parks, or anywhere in between!


Onboard mounting systems for filming to include mounts for Cineflex and Shotover cameras with onboard 2K watt generator and 9’ power poles for boat stabilization.


Whittier Tours

We offer the ability to customize tours of your choice for recreational hiking, photography opportunities of marine wildlife, glaciers, commercial fishing operations, sightseeing, birding and more. If you are looking for a structured tour, we offer the three hour tour of Blackstone Bay ($130 pp for a 3 hour tour) where you will get close to different calving glaciers.

We will work with you to customize your Alaska experience.  Hiking, photography, marine wildlife, glaciers, birding and more are just some of the exciting options Prince William Sound has to offer.

We can provide transportation to the the famous Royal Wave Oyster Farm on Perry Island to select your fresh oysters grown in Prince William Sound.

Dive Ladder

We offer the use of our custom dive ladder for recreational or commercial diving operations.