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An Alaskan, native owned and family run business ready to serve you! We offer:

  • Whittier Water Taxi Service
  • Hunter drop off / Pick up
  • Photography Tours
  • Kayak Transport
  • Custom Tours
  • Freight Delivery
  • Dive Ladder
  • Research Support & More!

We proudly offer our clients over 17 years of experience. Our business is licensed and insured.




Our scheduling can be flexible to meet your needs.




About Sultana Water Taxi

Mt. Foraker, located in the Alaska Range is next to Denali (the Great One). Mt Foraker is also known as Sultana, "The Woman" or "Wife of the Great One."  The name Sultana was given by the Tanama Indians who resided in the Lake Minchumina area northeast of the Alaska Range where they had a commanding view of the entire Alaska Range.  Many Alaskans still call the mountain next to Denali,  Sultana, honoring the name bestowed by the ancient ones.



Captain Mike has been driving powerboats since he was nine years old.  He began with small boats at his family's fishing lodge in Interior Alaska and progressed on to boat racing in the Yukon 800 boat races.  He has also participated in the Bristol Bay fisheries for herring and sockeye salmon and has guided big game hunts in Alaska on the Alaskan Peninsula and Nowitna Refuge Mike is employed by the City of Fairbanks Fire Department as a paramedic at the rank of Captain and also privately contracts as a paramedic aboard exploration vessels around the State of Alaska.

Mike spends time with his family at Lake Minchumina, in the waters of Prince William Sound and in Fairbanks, Alaska.


We are a Whale Sense Participant! Click the logo to learn more about this responsible whale watching program.